Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator


An excerpt from the similarly named "Mumford and Sons" song, 'Hopeless Wanderer', I decided to explore vintage typography and hand calligraphy to create a final product. After exploring a variety of old bank notes, state names and different vintage packaging, I came up with a style I tended towards, and then began to work to a final product.

Next came hand sketching. I turned my attention finding ways to accurately portray the style and utilize the timelessness and class of the turn of the century letter forms. Sketching loose letter forms seemed to create an easy way to finding the final product. While I didn't always contain myself to sketching for the phrase itself, experimentation helped me to arrive at a final set of letters.

Then came the final product (displayed above). I chose to apply my final design to a poster, perhaps one advertising the band, to round off the style and concept I was looking to execute.