Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

NikeCourt - Case Study

Creating a new online branded experience for NikeCourt.


NikeCourt is an already established brand, boasting some of the most famous  athletes in the world, and is owned by the largest sports company in the world. So, why do they need a redesigned ecommerce platform? Nike’s website, while generating massive sales, isn’t one of the best. It’s tennis section has very little in regards to unique features or design to help push Nike’s tennis lineup. Everything feels basic, and with some effort it could be elevated to help define the NikeCourt brand.


Part 01 - The new NikeCourt

The first step was refreshing NikeCourt’s identity to redefine it within the Nike brand family. Often Nike gives unique personas to specific sports, and with that comes unique styles and treatments. Using the four major tennis tournaments in Melbourne, Paris, London and New York, four unique patterns were made for NikeCourt merchandise and design, and paired with a neon and contrasting colour system.


Part 02 - The new homepage

The new homepage is a portal to the key facets of the NikeCourt brand. Displaying product leaders, such as shoes and Grand Slam branded merchandise, as well as brand champions, the objective is to immerse the user quickly into the NikeCourt brand identity. By showing featured products, as well as offering people the chance to shop by athlete, the path to purchase is much faster and more obvious than the current homepage.


Part 03 - Custom content for the court

One think NikeCourt currently lacks is content devoted to continued purchase options and specialized products. Currently anything beyond the homepage becomes generic, whereas the injection of specialized content can increase the likelihood of a visitor to continue shopping.


Creating content that separates Nikecourt from the rest of the Nike family is a good step in defining the brand visually. A good way to do that is to play up the brand’s unique aspect, it’s athletes.


Part 4 - A meaningful mobile experience

Nike’s website on mobile is nothing to write home about. Ensuring a seamless transition to the mobile platform is crucial to maintaining the site’s user experience. The homepage becomes a more streamlined version of it’s desktop counterpart, making a customer’s path to purchase easy and understandable.