Liam Lawlor
LIAM LAWLOR – Designer & Illustrator

Whole Foods Rebrand


When I began to rebrand Whole Foods, I looked at some of the things that the company boasted where it's competition fell short. Whole Foods is the first North American “Certified Organic” grocery store. It focuses on the quality of organic products, and the environmental stewardship of the places and people that they’re sourced from. Whole Foods aims to foster connection between the well-being of people and the food they eat, with their core vision devoted to the promotion of organically grown foods, healthy eating, and the sustainability of our entire ecosystem. Whole Foods was founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas as a natural alternative that placed organic products closer to the consumer. The brand currently operates in three countries, it’s place of origin, The United States, with it’s base of operations in Austin, Texas; Canada and more recently the UK. In the beginning, I began to assign some new keywords to the brand that would become a crucial part of the whole process.

The next step was to choose a new style, that would become the overarching theme for the brand. "Discover your healthy" was the new brand tagline, a powerful introduction to the idea of creating a lifestyle. My goal, in the end, was to rebuild Whole Foods as a lifestyle store as opposed to just an all organic store. People would come here to experience a new lifestyle option, buying into the brand and the goals and missions that it has.

Delicious options that are both good for you and the environment, that was my goal. It has to be cross platform, and it must become a way to champion a new Whole Foods based lifestyle. The current brand mark has remained unchanged since 1980 with the creation of the Whole Foods brand. Even without a brand relaunch, an update is needed as though the mark is simple, it now looks dated on modern products, social channels and new digital formats. 

Our brand launch comes with a new style and way of thinking. Now, Whole Foods is all about discovering where healthy options can take you, and showcasing our food in the most simple and honest ways possible. We’ve made things all about our fruits and vegetables, showing our products in the purest and simplest light. Our brand is all about delicious and healthy choices for consumers, and about living a fresh Whole Foods lifestyle to ensure you keep active and living long and strong.